Francisco Aravena

Originally from Chile but calling Utah home for many years, Francisco is fluent in both Spanish and English.

Currently, Francisco serves as the Director of IT at Elements Capital Group. Self-driven and equally as hard-working, he is on a mission to make a notable mark in the information technology field that will continue to positively impact people for generations to come.

Prior his present venture, Francisco held a multitude of leadership roles at vivint.smarthome, such as Senior ClickSoftware Administrator and CS Architect.

Furthermore, Francisco holds a B.S. in Exercise Science from Utah Valley University. He also received various distinctions, including his ScrumMaster Certification and his ClickSoftware Associate Consultant Certification. In addition to IT, Scrum, and ClickSoftware, he is well-versed in SQL, troubleshooting, data analysis, management, general analysis, and numerous more.

When he isn’t immersed in the world of tech, Francisco E. Aravena enjoys playing soccer and cooking unique dishes. As an avid handyman, he particularly loves fixing things, especially cars